• Electric Baskets Fire
  • Electric Baskets Fire
  • Electric Baskets Fire
  • Electric Baskets Fire
  • Electric Baskets Fire
  • Electric Baskets Fire

16'' Electric Baskets Fire

Electric Fire Baskets with Logs 1kw/2kw heater  Portable basket fireplace
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Elegance at its finest, designed to add the final touch of perfection to your home.
Small and compact, allows you to fit the fireplace in any hearth or opening, whilst providing a copious amount of heat.

The basket fire is 16" in length and features realistic glowing logs and life like flickering flames projected on to
the screen to create an eye catching performance, whilst the variable 1kW / 2kW heater warms a room with ease.

Realistic glowing textured logs accompanied by a life like flickering flame effect which sets the ambience for any occasion

FLAMME's Unbeatable quiet fan operated fireplace heater.

Cheap to run and easy to maintain! 
Never have to worry about changing the bulb with our longlife LED flame effect running at 0.0065 kW/hour.



Two year limited warranty.
Customer service is always availiable at [email protected] or
reach our live support team on 01785 719005


Download Fireplace Instructions

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